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“Playing Her Guitar Suite" is now
in the Pop/Rock record bin at Amoeba Music on
Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood! (It’s the world’s largest independent record
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"Playing Her Guitar Suite is a three song EP that takes the listener on a ‘jingle-jangle journey’ ...Playing Her Guitar (The first track), is...a mixture of shimmery guitar and pretty choral voices... The novella (included) is beautifully written and the illustrations are as unique as the songs they play.”--Alex Helm—The Marquee - Flower Mound, TX

“The guitar is awesome...and the vocals are enchanting, and beautifully layered... Everything about (the CD) is very impressive. I would highly recommend checking the band out! “--Layne Garrett--Panther Paw - Pell City, AL   

“This album needs no genre or label to identify itself...Playing Her Guitar Suite is Exceptionally Beautiful...” --Monique Dobson-- -Brashier Middle College News-- Simpsonville,SC 

“They are a smooth, charismatic sound that incorporates the airy guitar riffs and steady rock beat distinctive of the 70s and 80s”. Dan Sardaro --The Knight Crier-- Lansdale, PA

“...surprisingly trippy and surreal...they've got the songs and talent to really go places with this one. Truly impressive.” --LMNOP aka dONW7--babysue-- Chattanooga, TN

“...the music is sure to delight guitar enthusiasts.”--Berenis Reyes—iTiger-- Goodyear, AZ

“ get that once in a lifetime experience that is almost unexplainable, you have to listen to the trilogy known as Playing her Guitar Suite”-- Jemel Fleming—The Tribe-- Lantana, FL

“...a timelessness is captured in the music...a fully realized artistic endeavor.”---Storm Taylor-----Patriot Pages-- Madison, AL

"Playing Her Guitar strikes me as a combination of Spiritualized’s beautifully layered Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space and Pink Floyd’s guitar-heavy yet unruffled Any Colour You Like...(Rip ‘N Time) stands out in crowd of mediocrity”---Jessica Roberson----McIntosh Trail--- --Peachtree- City, GA

“The lore they’ve built surrounding their band shrouds them in mystery...(the music) is incredibly unique...”-- Anthony Airdo-- Horizon Sun-- Phoenix, AZ

“ The catchy guitar riff and the upbeat drums had me mesmerized.” ---Philip Cortez---Lion Tales---- San Jose, CA

“Jangly guitars with grooving bass riffs will set your mind free...”-- Nick Antone--The Purple Quill -- Cincinnati, OH

Playing Her Guitar Suite is a collection of 3 pretty rad jams starting with the title track Playing Her Guitar which opens with some jangly guitar drenched with chorus way to some soft ... vocals and eventually some gnarly 80s shred guitar and drum solos. --Brett Botting--KAMP --Tucson, AZ

“...the sound becomes very distinctive, as their talent shows through in every track.”-- Sereena Gee-- The Panther-- Miami, FL


"...In September of 2013, four young musicians began a journey; traveling through a portal where space , time and music intersect. They will play in an apocalyptic Battle of the Bands in competition with the Tarborgs at the Twisty Road Cafe and Theater. A record of that event, in sight and sound, will be released in the form of a CD and graphic novella..."


RIP 'N TIME on the Imaginary Time Travel Tour in the Magical Land of Guitar

Nashville 1958
Sumeria 3000 BC
Chicago 1968
New Orleans 1906
Los Angeles 1992
Milwaukee 1965
New York 1981
Mississsippi Delta 1948
Barcelona 1971

Battle of the Bands Twisty Road Cafe 2012