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Riley Ripintyme

High School: Unity High, Los Angeles, CA

Fact: When she's not playing her guitar, she's thinking about playing her guitar.

Quote: "One day, Vincent brought Langston to band practice and I was messing

around with a riff. Well, Langston started singing something about a girl playing her

guitar and it sounded so cool that I thought---we gotta get this guy in the band!!


Langston LaBelle

High School: Crosstown High, Los Angeles, CA

Fact: Four octave range voice--sings in church choir -mentored by Gunther Parigaliy.

Quote: "I always wanted to sing in a metal band ( I hope Mr. Parigaliy is not reading

this!) and I really like the way Riley plays so... there you go."


Akemi Lee

High School: Unity High, Los Angeles, CA

Fact: Also plays keyboards--she played outro riff on"SUITE DREAM."

Quote: "All I try to do is lock in with the kick--

so it's almost like one instument. Me and Vincent work on that a lot!"

Vincent Tarrega

High School: Palms High, Palms, CA

Fact: Played percussion in Crosstown H.S. marching band.

Quote: "I've known Riley since fourth grade and all we ever talked

about was starting a band--this is a dream come true!"