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The metal band RIP 'N TIME, led by the young female guitarist Riley Ripintyme, will be releasing the EP entitled PLAYING HER GUITAR SUITE one day after the Battle of the Bands at the Twisty Road Cafe. This CD contains all of the songs used against the Tarborgs in that apocalyptic battle.(Through a curved path in a space-time continuum,you have the CD now--even though, in objective reality, it doesn't exist!!)

Shimmering, sparkling, jingle jangly guitars seamlessly morph into chunky heavy metal rhythmic riffing while intricate, interweaving, overlapping and harmonized double, triple and quadruple lead guitars soar into a symphonic guitarchestra. A sensitive lyricism enhanced by lush cascading choral harmonies completes this guitar lover's dream. There is also a 24 page color booklet ( the graphic novella, also entitled PLAYING HER GUITAR SUITE ) included with the CD. More than a mere 'extra', the novella incorporates the lyrics and is a visual parallel to the entire EP. This booklet is so woven into the fabric of the songs that the music and the novella are almost inseparable. PLAYING HER GUITAR SUITE bends metal into RIP'N TIME'S own image---a new type of metal--Dreamy Metal--a visual and sonic journey.

You are an essential part of this journey. SERIOUSLY. RIP 'N TIME realizes that you alone can bring PLAYING HER GUITAR SUITE and the listener together. No--really--consider this; if PLAYING HER GUITAR SUITE is performed but there is no one to hear it, does it exist? Ergo, two scenarios are possible:

A.) Do not play CD--Tarborgs continue with scorched earth policy--no more guitar music.

B.) Do play CD--RIP 'N TIME defeats the Tarborgs-- happiness reigns--guitar music flourishes.

By providing that link between RIP 'N TIME and your listening audience, the journey is complete. As heavy metal legend Boone Laird Cregar might say, " Man, they take you on a trip--a trip you'll want to take over and over again--it's just fun-- dude!!"

Fun it is. Discovering a new band and their music is fun; spreading the word about them is even more so. I invite you an your listeners to take this magical road trip. Please let your audience know about RIP 'N TIME'S new release, PLAYING HER GUITAR SUITE !!

--Emily G.Woodbind; Marketing and Publicity--BOSUE RECORDZ

P.S. You are invited to follow the band's journey in the ebook entitled PLAYING HER GUITAR SUITE --ENDGAME.