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Please Do reprint this book and SHARE!!

This is the complete score to Playing Her Guitar--the first track of the Playing Her Guitar Suite CD!!

Every single note is included!! Guitar--Bass--Drums--Vocals!! All 84 pages!!



Here’s the thing, I really feel bad that we haven’t released the CD yet and that’s why we’ve put up the

guitar book. And I have to say it’s one of the best transcriptions I’ve ever seen!! Phil did a great job--

every note is there!! (He tells me he’s working on some kind of tablature version-- can’t wait!!!)


I know, I know—reading the guitar book is not the same as listening to the CD. If it’s too many notes

to read (I know it is for me!!) just grab a guitar-playing friend. Or...get some

help from your teacher (that’s what I always do!)

Another thing –I owe an explanation to all of you for the delays regarding the release date of the CD.

In a word—Tarborgs. I am really scared of this impending battle with them. I just don't know how

we are going to win.


Did you notice how at first Rip ‘N Time was all enthusiastic and stuff; and how the episodes in the

Playing Her Guitar Suite—Endgame ebook were coming out really fast? But now that the reality of

facing these monsters is becoming imminent, episodes seem to be coming out at a much slower pace.



It’s as if my dreams are controlling the events unfolding in the Playing Her Guitar Suite--Endgame

ebook, and my fears are determining the time-line of those events. Ok, ok I’m insane--

delusional—that’s a given but…but...what if… this is all real and actually happening? And I assure

you, to me this is very real and this is definitely happening to me.


What to do? Spread the word-- share the book-- tell as many people as you can about the battle. We

need your help and if we all work together, we can beat these Tarborgs. I truly believe that you (yeah

I’m talking to you) can help control the timeline and outcome of Playing Her Guitar Suite-Endgame.


Listen, these Tarborgs are machines –right? They’re soulless.  We’re humans –we have soul, we have

heart. if you all just think good thoughts and collectively somehow send your spiritual power to

us—maybe, just maybe Rip’N Time's dreamy metal sound will save the day and the Playing Her Guitar

Suite CD will become a reality.


..Uh oh, I hear my mom coming—gotta go!