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Kick-ass metal that grabs you by the throat most certainly does not describe RIP'N TIME'S PLAYING HER GUITAR SUITE. Oh, it'll grab you alright and it's definitely metal; but it's more like RIP 'N TIME will gently take you by the hand and lead you on a time-bending road trip into the twilight of the night-- where anything is possible. The young female lead guitarist named Riley Ripintyme fronts the band with the similar sounding name. Riley is a leader. She's strong, resilient and indefatigable. She also dreams-- a lot. She's a dreamy girl who plays dreamy metal.

RIP 'N TIME wasn't formed so much as it was born out of a dream in the ethereal elements of the atmosphere. It was in this dreamscape atmosphere that Riley was visited by the Goddess of Guitar. The Goddess told Riley that she must defeat the Tarborgs ( hybrid guitar/human entities) in a battle of the bands at the Twisty Road Cafe in order to save all human guitarists from extinction. RIP 'N TIME was now an inevitability and the remaining members of RIP 'N TIME --instantaneously created out of the vapors of thought--- took on their respective Rock 'n' Roll roles:

Langston LaBelle: " Lead singer with the Choice Voice."

Akemi Lee: "Bass player Extaordinaire/Technique to Spare."

Vincent Tarrega: "Timemeister Drumlord of Rhythm."

The distinct sound of a new type of metal, as evidenced by the PLAYING HER GUITAR SUITE CD, is a natural outgrowth of RIP 'N TIME'S dreamlike beginnings. Never before had a band come together for a single, unified purpose--after all, the very existence of guitar playing was at stake. The 'anything's possible' quality of a dream and the impending doom, within that dream, made the creation of a new metal inexorable. Furthermore, the events in the dream served to both unify as well as define RIP 'N TIME'S sound. It's a sound that has dreamlike, lush, choral and orchestral guitar playing merge into doom laden heavy metal riffing and back again--then ultimately recombining. RIP 'N TIME'S sound was metal forged from a dream and thus was created a new type of metal--Dreamy Metal. Truly, PLAYING HER GUITAR SUITE presents RIP 'N TIME at their dreamy metal very best.

From the dreamy metal lyricism of PLAYING HER GUITAR followed by the soulful journey of TWISTING ROAD to the mesmerizing SUITE DREAM, the listener is taken on an aural journey where sonic surprises await at every turn. As Boone Laird Cregar says about RIP 'N TIME, " It's metal that twists and turns... it's metal that bends reality into dreams... it bends time into''s. Hey-- they're playing against the Tarborgs at the Twisty Road Cafe--right? " Enough said.

--Emily G.Woodbind, Director of Publicity; Bosue Recordz